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Mr Newtons letter to M. Oldenburg
relating to M. Hooks Objections to
his new Doctrine of Light, and to
M. Hugens remarks about the
grinding of Parabolical Conoids.

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Cambridg. Feb 20th. 71.


I received your Feb 19th. And having considered Mr Hooks observations on my discours, am glad that so acute an objecter hath said nothing that can enervate any part of it. For I am still of the same judgment & doubt not but that upon severer examinations it will bee found as certain a truth as I have asserted it. You shall very suddenly have my answer.

In Monsieur Hugenius's letter there are severall hansome & ingenious remarques. And what hee saith concerning the grinding Parabolicall conoids by geometricall rules I do with him dispair of, but I doubt not but that the thing may bee in some measure accomplished by mechanicall devises. This is all at present from

Your faithfull Servant

I. Newton.


To Henry Oldenburg Esquire
at his house about the middle
of the old Pall-mail in




Rec. Feb. 21. 712.

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