Feb 18th 166970.


Two days since I received yours & Mr Darys letter with a book for which I thank Mr Dary, & have here inclosed sent him my thoughts of what hee desired. That solution of the annuity Probleme if it will bee of any use you have my leave to insert it into the Philosophical Transactions soe it bee without my name to it. For I see not what there is desirable in publick esteeme, were I able to acquire & maintaine it. It would perhaps increase my acquaintance, the thing which I cheifly study to decline. Of that Problem I could give exacter solutions but that I have noe leisure at present for computations. I now see a way too how the aggregate of the termes of Musicall progressions may bee found (much after the same manner) by Logarithms, but the calculations for finding out those rules would bee still more troublesom, And I shall rather stay till you have leisure to doe mee the favour of communicating what you have already composed on that subject.

Your much obliged

I. Newton.


These For Mr John Collins
at his house the signe of the
three crowns in Bloomsbury
in London. 4

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