Mr Newton

I thinke it is almost a yeare since I accquainted the Reverend Doctor Barrow, that Mr James Gregory was by his owne Ingenuity falne into your methods of infinite Series, and that he had wrote to me to get his Booke de quadratura Circuli reprinted here with some new Additions, but the said Mr Gregory being since informed by me that you had taken much paines in that harvest, and invented the method some yeares before Mercators Logarithmotechnia was printed, hath laid aside his Intentions of publishing anything, being likewise falne into other Studies, and much diverted by the Lectures he is obliged unto, Mercator when he published his Logarithmotechnia affirmed he had applyed the same method likewise to the Circle, but I never saw any Specimen of his, nor doe I thinke he hath so much as heard that any other person hath made any Improovement of that Method, he is indeed about to publish a table of Logarithmes with Precepts for their Construction and Use, but what he is like to produce I am unaccquainted with, the Bookseller Pitts is not desirous as yet to put the Introduction to Algebra to the Presse, and I conceive you have made so many usefull additions thereto, that when it comes to the Presse it may very well beare the Title of your Introduction, and thereby find the better entertainement, and more Speedy Sale, be pleased to accept of Borellius his Booke de motionibus naturalibus a gravitate pendentibus, whereof I send you one Exemplar


I am at present employed as a Clerke attending in the Councill of Plantations, and my Wife by her fathers bounty is to enioy her Sisters Place as Laundresse of the table Linnen to the Queene, her Sister being gone into Cheshire to live upon an Estate lately befalne her husband, and their Children By this meanes I am remooved to the house of Mr William Austin (my wifes father) in Petty france Westminster over against the Adam and Eve whither if you vouchsafe to write to me, be pleased to direct your Letter, Sir by what I have said you will see no great reason to overhasten the publication of your thoughts for feare of being prevented by others, use therefore your owne discretion, and if I heare of any undertakings of the like kind you may expect an account thereof from him that wisheth you good Successe, and is

Your thankfull obliged Servtor
John Collins

London the
5th of July 1671

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