Oxford, Apr. 10. 1695.


I was in hopes of seeing you in Oxford last Summer which made me neglect sending you (by the Carrier) two Cuts which belonged to the Volume you had before. They were not wrought off at the Rolling-Press when you had the rest; but are easy to be inserted in their proper places. I send them now, with the other vollume; which I desire you to accept. I understand (from Mr Caswell) you have finished a Treatise about Light, Refraction, & Colours: which I should be glad to see abroad. 'Tis pitty it was not out long since. If it be in English (as I hear it is) let it, however, come out as it is; and let those who desire to read it learn English. I wish you would also print the two large Letters of June & August 1676. I had intimation from Holland, as I desired there by your friends, that somewhat of that kind were done; because your notions (of Fluxions) pass there with great applause, by the name of Leibnitz's Calculus Differentialis. I had this intimation when all but (part of) the Preface to this volume was printed-off; so that I could onely insert (while the Press stayd) that short intimation thereof which you there find. You are not so kind to your Reputation (& that of the Nation) as you might be, when you let things of worth ly by you so long, till others carry away the Reputation that is due to you. I have endeavoured to do you justice in that Point; and am now sorry that I did not print those two letters Verbatim. I understand you are now about adjusting the Moon's Motions and, amonst the rest, take notice of that of the common center of Gravity of the Earth & Moon as a conjunct body: (a notion which I think was first started by me in my Discourse of the Flux and Reflux of the Sea.) And it must needs be of a like consideration in that of Iupiter with his Satellites, & of Saturn with his. (And I wonder we have not yet heard of any about Mars.) But Saturn & Iupiter being so far off, the Effects thereof are less observable by us than that of the Moon. My advise upon the whole, is, that you would not be too slow in publishing what you do.

I am


your very humble Servant

John Wallis

Superscribd thus viz.t

For Mr Isaac Newton
Fellow of Trinity College, &
Professor of Mathematicks
in Cambridge,
with a Book.

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