To the most Honorable the Lord High Treasurer of Great Brittain

May it please your Lordship

In Obedience to your Lordships Order of Reference upon the two memorials of Hen. Smithson relating to prosecutions against false Coyners since Ian. 1710, together with an Account of his charges in carrying on the same, we have considered the matters conteined therein & heard him thereupon & find that he had no Order from the Warden of the Mint for performing the services expresst in his Bill except the prosecution of Horsman & Robinson for which he was allowed in Mr Weddals Account. That upon Accounts stated between him & Mr. Weddal a little before Mr. Weddels death, he was indebted to Mr. Weddel above five pounds as appears by his Note under his hand and as he acknowledged in a Letter to Mrs. Weddel since the death of her Husband. And in general it did not appear to us that any moneys were due to him for prosecuting under the Warden, except a bill of £10. 18. 2 which is incerted into Mr. Barrows Account and was the only charge demanded by him at that time or before.

And We further humbly represent to your Lordship that Iohn Thompson being examin'd by Sir Isaac Newton about what services he was able to do, could think of no services but such as were looked upon as too stale to be regarded in Courts of Iustice and thereupon was dismist by the Warden for the present & we are satisfied that what Smithson represents against the Warden in relation to the said Thompson is groundless false & scandalous.

Is. N.

Edw. Ph.

28. April 1714.

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