That for encouraging the bringing wrought Plate into the Mint to be coined, there shall be allowed after the rate of five shillings &          pence per ounce standard, the plate being rated & reduced to standard by the gross weight thereof & the assay of the Ingots melted out of the same.

That her Majesty be pleased to give directions to the Master & worker of her Mint to receive all such wrought Plate as shall be brought to the Mint before the         day of             next & give Receipts to such persons as shall bring the same for the amount thereof, according to the rate & price agreed by the House to be allowed for such wrought Plate as shall be brought to the Mint to be coined & that the same be immediately coined into                         & paid into the Receipt of her Majestys Exchequer.

That all such Receipts to be given by the Master & Worker of the Mint for any wrought Plate shall be accepted & taken for the full amount thereof in any payments to be made upon any loans or any contributions upon any fund to be granted this Session of Parliament.

That it be an instruction to the Committee to receive a clause that the Receipts given by the Master & Worker of the Mint for Plate brought in before the          day of           pursuant to the Resolution of the house of the        Instant be accepted as so much money in the contributions towards the said summ not exceeding            millions.

This clause to be so worded that the Receipts dated on or after the          day of                  be accepted only in the second third & fourth payments into the said fund.

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