To the Kings most Excellent Majesty
The Petition of Nicolas Facio Duillier most humbly sheweth;

That, by a singular Providence of God Almighty, in the Year 1686, Your Majesties Petitioner took an expensive Iourney from Geneva to Holland, with a Design of acquainting the Prince of Orange, afterward King of England, with a most secret but most dangerous Plot against His Life or Liberty. That both the Prince and the States being perswaded and convinced of the greatness of the Danger; proper and sufficient measures were taken by them, to prevent the Effects of it. That althô this happened upward of forty Years ago, yet the Influence thereof, on the very Constitution and the Crown itself and Publick affairs, and on Places and Offices both in Church and State, and on the whole People in Great Britain and its Dependencies, is exceeding great to this very Day, and, it is hoped, will continue so for Ages to come. That Your Majestie's Petitioner having acted in this, by a pure motive of Duty and Generosity, thô at the Peril of his own Life; he neglected to reap the Recompenses, which he was in a fair way to have received in Holland, from the Prince himself, and from the States; or, in England, from the same Prince, after the Crown was settled upon Him. But that several considerable Losses having much reduced Your Majestie's Petitioner in his Circumstances, he cannot, in common Iustice to his Creditors, and to himself or his Executors, but lay the matter before Your Majesty; that, after being thorowly satisfied concerning the Truth of it, and taking the Premises into consideration, Your Majesty may have such regard to them, and give him such Relief, as Your Majesty in Your Royal Wisdom shal think fit. And Your Majestie's Petitioner shal ever pray &c

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