Worcester April 5 1732

Give me leave to have recourse to Your Generosity and Goodness, since I believe that if You please to appear in my favour, the House of Commons will easily come to a Resolution to settle, by an Address to the King, a recompense for me and my Executors, in consequence of that inestimable piece of Service, by which, with the greatest Danger for myself, I became the only Instrument in the Hands of Almighty God, for saving the Prince of Orange afterward King of Great Britain his Life or Liberty, from a most secret and most dangerous Plot, which did justly seem infallible in its Execution.

What I do most humbly desire, Sir, is, That, if You approve of it, You wou'd be pleased to communicate the enclosed Petition, to the speaker of the House of Commons, and to dispose him to favour it; And then to present it Yourself to the House; either as it is now, or with such Alterations as You think fit: That You wou'd speak in the House, in favour of it, and cause it to be seconded by some of Your Friends, whom You think the properest Persons for that purpose.

The Iustice of my Request is so obvious, that I need not speak much about it. For it is not reasonable that my Disinterestedness, manifested in the Course of so many Years, shou'd be a Pretext to bury in Oblivion a greater Piece of Publick Service to these Kingdoms, than perhaps any Man living can lay claim unto.

I had once many Friends in the House, most of whom are dead. Mr Auditor Foley, Mr Edward {Harley}, Mr Sandys may perhaps appear in my favour also. Sr Robert Wallpole has been made acquainted with this Transaction, and seemed only to object, That it was an old Story; and to doubt whether the matter of fact was true. But even my long Silence seems to speak most of all in my behalf.

And as to the Truth of the matter of fact, the Witness of Bishop Burnet in the History of his own Time (Vol. I. printed at London 1724, page 689) is unexceptionable. Monsieur Halluin, Member of the States, is, I think, alive yet. And thô I do not remember whether he was one of those, in presence of whom I made my Deposition, yet he can, at least, give a collateral Testimony to the Things I speak of. They did do me the Iustice in Holland, that is, Dr Burnet, the Prince and Princess, the Pensioner, and a few Others of the States, being all the Persons that were made acquainted with my Deposition, to believe me without an Oath. And what I write or say about it, I am ready to confirm, upon a most solemn and sacred Oath, if so required.

If any Thing is to be done for me while I live, the Time is precious. You cannot but be sensible, Sir, that the Eyes of the World will one way or another be intent upon this Affair. Be pleased, Sir, to write as soon as possible an Answer to this, thô never so short, that I may know what I may depend upon. And forgive this perhaps too great Presumption in one, who subscribes himself with much respect

Honoured Sir,

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