London januar 2 7677.


Next to my hearty wishes of many happy new years to you, I am to acquaint you, vpon the receipt of yrs of Dec. 26, yt Mr {A}uste{n} is dead, wthout leaving any child; so yt I know not at present, who may supply his place, but shall inquire of my friend, how to proceed in this matter, and giue you notice accordingly.

I am of yesame opinion wth you yt tis better to suspend yt printing of ye two {letter}s mention{'}d in yr last, till you haue answer'd s{ome} at leas{t} of ye Objections made from Liege.

I cannot but acquaint you wth a{n} {ex}t{ra}{ordinar}ily curious present, sent to me from beyond seas for the King as Founder of ye R. Society and for ye society itself wch I presented yesterday to his Majty as philos{op}{hi}cal strena, and shall present to ye Society on thursday next, God willing, where I wish you present, especially since it is, \so uncommon/ a Phænomenon of Light. For it is a Factitious stony matter (not at all of ye lapsi Bononiensis) wch, being for a litle while exposed to ye Day, or ye flame of a Candle, so imbibes ye light as to shine in the dark, like a glowing Coal, and continues that <40v> splendor a longer or shorter time according to yt duration, it hath been \kept/ turned to ye day — or candle — light. The king and whole Court were exceedingly pleased wth this phænomenon: And And I should be yet more, if I might know to giue a reasonable \rational/ account of yesame, and wth what kind of Theory concerning Light it agrees best. Supposing, you would be well pleased, wth us, to hear of such an unusual effect, I would not omit imparting it to you, as


yr faithfull humble servt

H. Oldenburg.


To his honoured Friend Mr Isaac Newton, Professsor of ye Mathematicks at Cambridge, at his Chamber in {T}rinity Colledge.


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