June 11th 1672.

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Read June 12: 72.

Entd LB. 5. 252.

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I have sent you my Answers to Mr Hook & P. Pardies, wch I hope will bring with ym yt satisfaction wch I promised. And as there is nothing in Mr Hooks Considerations wth wch I am not well contented, so I presume there is as little in mine wch he can excep against, since you will easily see that I have industriously avoyded ye intermixing of oblique & glancing expressions i{illeg}|n| my discourse. So yt I hope it will be needlesse to trouble the Heads of ye R. Society to adjust matters. However if there should be any possibly be any thing esteemed of yt kind, I desire it may be interpreted candidly & with respect to M|th|e contents of Mr Hooks Considerations, & I shall readily give way to ye mitigation of whatsoever ye Heads of ye R. Society shall esteem personall. And concerning my former Answer to P. Pardies, I resigne to you ye same liberty wch he hath done for his Objections, of mollifying any expressions that may have a shew of harshnesse.

Yor Servant

I. Newton.

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A Letter to Mr Oldenburg
concerning Mr Newtons Answers
to \ye annotations of/ Mr Hook and P. Pardies upon
his Theory of Light.

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To henry Oldenburg Es
at his house about ye middle
of ye old Pall-maile in
Westminter {sic}


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