I promised to send you an answer to Mr Lucas this next Tuesday but I find I shall sca{illeg}|r|ce finish what I have designed, so as to get a copy taken of it by that time, & therefore I b{illeg}\Beg your/ patience a week longer. I see I have made my self a slave to Philosophy, but if I get free of Mr Linus's buisiness I will resolutely bid adew to it eternally, excepting what I do for {illeg} my privat satisfaction or leave to come out after me. For I see a man must either resolve to put out nothing new or to become a slave to defend it.

But to let this pass I shall beg ye favour of you to let yor servant convey this to M inclosed Mr Boyle, I not knowing well how to direct it to him. Sr I am

Your humble Servant

I. N.

Nov. 18. 1676.


For Henry Oldenburg Esqꝫ
at his house about ye middle
of ye old Palmail in




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