Sr I have here sent you ye letter I promised concerning these series. It is blo{illeg}|tt|ed in some places but rather then write it over fair, I have set down here ye places less legible. p.1, l: 17, P+PQmn. lin: 34, cc12. p. 4, l: 35, CBqCD. lin 36, 114rrc4 p: 6, l:{illeg}3, +14x52025a4+604x7893025a6 p: 7, l 14, Quare AG=32d15x12xx175dvel+&c. lin: 40, in DP cape DM=3ADq4AK. lin 42 4AN+15×4AD, lin 43 21AN+475×4AD.

I received yours concerning Mr Lucas, for whom I intend an answer. But he referring in ye Postscript to ye R. societie's tryal of ye Expt, I desire you would be pleased to send me some short information about their tryal: particularly the shape of their Image as to length & brea\d/th, & ye angle of {their Prism conteined} by ye refracting sides, & whether they caused yt angle to be very exactly measured, or {esteemed it by guesse} a less exact measure to be 60 \any number of/ degrees more or less. For I imagin ye difference between me & Mr Lucas lies either in ye different angles of our Prisms; or in this that he \perhaps/ measures ye length of ye Image by ye streight sides, I by ye middle line or axis; or in both together. In his experiments wch \he/ urges agt me you'le find want of circumspection. Sr I am in hast

Your humble Servant

Is. Newton.


June 13 1676

|Rec. June 13. 76. Answ. june 17. 76.|

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