Advertisement upon \concerning/ the second Edition.

Allowance{illeg}|s| \per Lwt to the Queens Clerk 12 a penny in sevens pound{s} wt or 16 pr C/ to him that shall coin the copper money.

For the Moneyer
Graver 0d14
Smith 14
Moneyer {illeg} 112
\Moneyer 112d, Graver 14,/
Smith 14 2d.

For his own hazzard & trouble & for mai{illeg}|n|taining & a De{illeg}|p|uty & Clerk{s} & assayer & \defraying the/ incident charges in assaying & putting off the new money{illeg}|s|

To {T} the Queens clerk about 1li 5s per Ton, or half a farthing pr lwt.

T|R|epairs of buildings & providing new coining Tools & {illeg}|s|etting the old ones in repair.

To the

To the Mint-master f|F| the Moneyers 1d12, Graver 14d, Smith 14d|,| per lwt\two Clerks 14/|.| In all 2d14 pr Lwt

To him for his own \the Mint-Masters/ hazzards & trouble & for \his/ {illeg}|m|aintaining {illeg}|a| Deputy & Clerk & Assayer & defraying the i{illeg}|n|cident charges of |in| assaying & putting off the new mo{illeg}|n|eys.

Per lwt To the Mr & Wr for the Moneyers 2|1|12, Graver 14d, Smith 14d, two Clerks 14d \& {illeg}/ & for{illeg} his own trouble & hazzards {illeg}|&| {illeg} charges in mainta\in/ing a deputy & \an/ Assayer & \for/ incidents charges in assaying & putting of the moneys|]| {illeg}\{illeg} per Lwt ~ ~ ~ And to the/ {illeg}|M|r {illeg}|&| {illeg}|W|r (for {illeg} his trouble \&/ hazzards & \for his/ charges in maintaining a Deputy & an Assayer & for incidents in Assaying \weighing/ & putting of {sic} the moneys)

For repairing the buildings & coyning tools & for providing new coyning toold {sic} at the first setting up of the Mint


as. P. 20{4}
on P. 237 l. 30 more strongly re{illeg}ing
invented by Otto gueric & improved & made usefull by M{r} {illeg} {illeg}
P. 242. l. 19 than. P. 24{illeg}|4|. l 19. do. If. P. 266. l. 31 Colours. P. 322 l 31 continue to arise & be propagated, when     P. 336. l. 21 to the power. P. 334. l. 6 Ray. P. 366 l 22 to the distance of

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