The Master receives money out of ye Treas{illeg}|u|ry for paying for copper coynage & incident charges, for wch is|he| is charged by his receipt.

The master receives blanks by Tunns & pays for the same according to contracts made between the Officers of ye Mint & the blank-maker & is dischard|g||d| of so much money & charged wth so many Tunns of blanks by the blank-makers receipts.

The Master delivers {illeg}|s|o many Tunns of Copper to the Queens order \for ready money/ & is discharged thereof by the re{illeg}|ce|ips|t|s of that o|O|rder. |And the farthings are told & put into baggs by tale & the tale mentioned in the receipts. And the Master pays the money into ye Treary & takes receipts or Tallys for it.|

The Ma{illeg}|st|er makes up all the|i||s| account of moneys & Tin|u|ns of Tin by those receipts & is is|al|lowed in the account for coynage & for trouble & hazzards in cha\r/ges discharges & making up the account, & incident charges.

The farthings \are being/ delived {sic} by weight are told & out into\& tale in/ 50s & 5£ & 10£ & baggs & &c delived {sic} in the baggs to ye Queens Order the Queens order to whomsoever will receive them at ye ye encourgement {sic} \allowed/ to ye Receiver wch may be about or 3 pr cent put into every bag over & above the just tale, the {illeg}|R|ec\e/iver paying for the same at the time of the Receipt: And ye account to be made up by him\the Master/ who receives delivers the Copper & receives money for it he be|ing| charged wth the t{illeg}|a|le by ye receipts given to the Master of the Mint & discharged by the paymt of so much money to ye Treasury.

NB That the bagg{illeg}|s| or some of them may be weighed after telling to see how the weight & tale agree, & & how exact the clerks are in telling, & where any suspicion of error occurrs the bagg may be told over again

NB That the Assaymaster may be appointed to view the farthings wn coyned & brought up to be weighed & delivered & to examin such as he most suspects to be bad metal.

NB that the Mr coyn only so many Tunns as shall from time \to/ time be bespoke by people who will receive them & pay ready money for them upon so soon as they are coyned.

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