Mint Office. Aug. 3. 1717.

To the Rt Honble the Lords Commrs of his Mats Treary

May it please yor Lops

In obedience to yor Lordps Order of Reference of\on/ the Proposals for importing barrs of fine copper into his Mats Mint for coyning copper money out of them; We humbly represent that upon giving the Proposers a meeting, We find that the Mint may be supplied with such barrs of|at| nineteen pence per pound weight Averdupois or a little under, taking back the scissel at the same price but scarce under 18d. The Master & Worker is willing to undertake the coinag{illeg}|e| out of such barrs at three pence farthing per {lw} pound weight, & to defray all incident charges \|of assaying weighing| of coinage & putting off/ after a Mint is set up except repairs of buildings. And so a Mint pound weight of Copper \with the coinage will cost about 2114 or 2214 &/ may be cut into 23 or 24 pence \to answer all other charges/. If there be a King's Clerk he may be allowed \& the Auditor of this Mint may be paid what your Lordps shall order/ out of the profits of the coinage|.| what your Lordps shall \please to/ think fit{.} appoint. |The Mr & Wr proposes to pay half the price of the Copper upon the Importation thereof.|

When \by publick notice/ we gave the Proposers a meeting some of them upon hearing the conditions of the Copper\how the copper was to be sized & assayed/, withdrew. \Mr Parker was {illeg}/ Mr Neale & partner were in the country & are not yet returned to town. Mr Essington demanded 19d pr Lwt for the best copper & 18d for a coarser sort. Mr Iones demanded 1812d per for the best copper. Mr Hind demanded 18d. The copper he shewed us was very good & bore the Assay & this morning he has delivered in some barrs to be further examined. We are best satisfied with his proposal, but have not yet had time to examin his barrs. |Mr Parker demands the same price, but we have not seen his workmanship.|

All which &c

If at any time it be thought fit to change the Reverse of the money, it may be done by a signe manual, changing paying the Graver for a new Puncheon.

All which &c is humbly submitted to yor Lordps

great wisdome

Mint Office
Aug. 3. 1713

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