Mint Office 12 Apr. 1714

May it please yor Lordp

Since I attended yor Lordp last, I caused a new furnace to be built in order to a further trial of what may be done by casting of copper into barrs for making of copper money. But in the mean time upon assaying the half pence of wch I shewed yor Lordp a specimen, I found the copper coarser then it was by the assay before casting. Whereupon I ordered the Queen's founder to supply me with such barrs as would fully endure the assay by the hammer: but he has not yet produced any tho it be about three weeks since I gave him the order. Whence I suspect that in the specimen of half pence wch I shewed yor Lordp, he put in some Tynn wthout my knowledge tho I stood by to see him cast that copper &. And h|H|e seems to be at a stand in casting fine copper without mixture so as to make it runn close & fully endure the hammer without mint re Assay by the Hammer: wch makes a further trial unnecessary. Mr Kemp agrees wth me that the proper assay of fine copper is by the hammer. If the barrs or fillets of copper be made {illeg}|b|y hammering & be assayed by the hammer, the money will be of the same fineness with the copper money of Sweden & with that of K. Charles II: If they be cast, it will scarce be so fine. In the first case the workmanship as well as the metal will cost more & the work be more beautifull & the assay more certain & the method of coynage more easily setled then in the second. In the secon an Assay by refining as well as by the ham{illeg}|m|er may be usefull. But as there Gold & Silver is not received to be coyned u{illeg}|n|till it be made fit to be received so it should be in copper. I am

My Lord

Yor Lordps most humble

& most obedient serv{}t

Is. Ne{wton}

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