To The Honrd Isaac Newton Esqr in German Street in

London These

Chester 5 Feb: 978

Honrd Sr.

I am sorry so short a time should afford an occation of complaint agst Mr Weddall, it is wha{t} could Scarcely be expected, from any man but hi{m} he hath writt a most impertinent Reflecting Le{tter} to Mr Fosbrooke our Surveyor, telling him that {B}{illeg} and his man Robinson were coming down; I think Sr. I ought not to Suffer Such base reflex{ions} from one that hath all along endeavourd my ru{in} yw were pleas'd to tell me, that yw would undertak{e} he should not any more disturb or abuse me, but by this Letter meniond I find the same turbulent Spiritt, so that I fear our animosity will not be abated wch is no Small trouble to me, who (I can sa{y)} was never accounted a fomentor of differences; ho{w} ever I am under no obligacon to Lye under the Las{h} of his tongue, & tho for peace sake I was willin{g} to forgett former injurys, yett I am not to be Hectord' over att pleasure by one (Laying aside his deputacon) who (without vanity) is no way my Sup{r} Sr. I heartily ask ye pardon for this trouble wishin{g} I may not be compelld' by ye Deputys behaviour take an effectuall remedy to make him quiett, {illeg} bridle his pen & tongue; Sr. I am Still opposd' {illeg} our Monyers Agent here in makeing use of th{is} place for erecting my furnace, wch yw were al{l} pleasd to allow me to have, there being no ot{her} convenient place for that purpose; the bellowes {illeg} procur'd to sett up there the Gentleman canno{t} {illeg}Spare, & if he taks them away (as he says he {illeg}{)} I cannot make up my Sweep; so that I beg a {illeg} order for the Same that no further {obstru{cton}} be given to the business of the Mint, but t{illeg} wthout disturbance goe on & hope to {illeg}

Yr humble Servtt Tho: Robinson

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