An Account of the standard peices of Gold & silver remaining in the {cou}rt of the Receipts of the excheqr 9 of Dec: 17{03}

17 {h}: 4 1 Iuly { One standard of silver dated 1 of Iuly 17 {h}: 4 of eleven ounces twopennyweight fine & 18 penny weight of Allay
one of Gold contaning 23 Carrats 3 grains & half perfect fine gr{illeg} & half a grain of Allay
30 of Octob 18 H: 8 The standard of the fineness of the dobyll pla{illeg}|{t}|e called Carolus presented & made by Sr Iohn Dannett & others then sworne wh{ich} {t}aketh of the fineness of sterling silver xxd in the pound weight troy
The Gold standard made the same day by the same person for the crown of the dubbil Roose contaning in fineness 22 carratts of fine gold in the pound weight troy & 2 carretts o{f} allay of silver sterling which 2 carretts been accounted for one ounce troy of Sterling silver
A standard without date of Gold to which A labell of Parchm{ent} fastened containing these words Thys ys the Standard of the new Angell & other new coyns contaning 23 carratts (fine gold) one carratt of lAllay
one standard of Silver without date these words written on it being part of a whole sentence.       AND of eleven ounces fine privey mark {illeg}
one standard of Gold without date with these words written Standard of 23 Karretts 10 grains demi fine Privei marke {illeg}
1560. one Standard of Silver dated of 11 onces 2d wt fine
1560 2 Standards of Gold of the same date are writt on the Standard of crown Gold. 22 carretts fine gold        the other the Standerd of fine gold 23 carretts 3 grains & a half fine.
1593 On{illeg}|e| Standard of Gold dated 1593 whereon ingraved the Standard of Crowne gold of 22 carretts fine
1601 A Standard of silver moneys dated 1 of September 1601 of eleven ou{nces} twopennyweight fine silver commixed with 18 pennyweight of Allay in the pound troy.
1601|4| 19 nov: The Standard comixed of 11 ounces of fine silver' and {illeg} pennyweight of Allay in the pound Troy weight Troy
3 gold standards all at the same date
20 aug. 1605 3 gold standard{illeg}|s| all of the same date salt 20 of august 1605 cont' 23 Carretts 3 grains & half of fine gold & half a grain of allay in the pound weight Troy
22 Nov: 1649 One Silver Standard dated 22 of November 1649 of eleven onces 2 penny weight of fine silver and 18 penny weight of Allay in the pound troy
one gold Standard commixed of 22 carretts of fine gold & 2 carretts of Allay in the pound weight Troy of England made 22 of November 1649
19 Oct', 1660 One silver Standard dated 19 of October 1660 com̄ixed of 11 onces 2 pennyweight of fine silver & 18 penny weight of Allay in the pound troy
19 oct' 1660 4 Gold Standards all dated the {illeg}|19| of Octob 1660 three whereof are of 23 Karretts 3 grains & a half a grain of fine Gold & half a grain of Allay in the pound weight Troy the Impression is a ship in full sail on the main mast \sail/ the Arms of the Kingdom. circumscription Amor Populi Prælictium Regis on the top mast {illeg}{he}ad \sail/ in the Standard f|o|r penon the letters C{:}R: with an imperiall Crown over them. the 4th peice is commixed of 22 carretts of fine Gold & 2 carretts of Allay in the pound weight troy. the impression thereon is a large Sheld with the Arms of England as born by that King in|A C|ompartment Round it & an imperiall crown over it the circumscription Florent concordiâ regna
15 octob 1688. One Gold Standard com̄ixed of 22 Carrots of fine gold & 2 Carretts of Allay in the pound weight t|T|roy
one silver Standard. datd the same day com̄ixed of eleven ounces two penny weight of fine Silver & 18 penny weight of Allay in the pound weight Troy

Ireland. Standards for that Kingdom.

18 Iune 32 H: 8 The Assay of base silver taken the 16 of Iune in the 32 year of King henry the 8th. made to be currant in Ireland haveing the print of the harp the said base Silver is worse in fynes then the Sterling money by 40 penny weight which is 2 over <27v> in a pound weight Sterling and so the pound weight of Silver \base/ is in money coined forty eight Shillings which pound weight is worth but 36 Shillings sterling without date.
Another standard for Ireland inscribed thus this is the Stand{ard} of the New coyns new grote & other new coyns containing ten ounces \of/ Sterling & two ounces of Allay. without date
A 3d Standard for Ireland 1600

These Severall Standards \& Indentures/ were seen and transcribed by

Iohn Lowe
Peter LeNeve

22d Dec: 1703.      {illeg} ProCa{merarxe}s Recept' S{cc}ij

This standard com̄isced of XXII. Carretts of True Gold and II Carretts of Allay in the Pound wt Troy of Great Brittain made the 25th of Iune. 1707

This Standard com̄ixed of XI. Ounces II. Penny wt of True Silver and XVIII. Penny wt of Allay in the Pound wt Troy o{f} Great Brittain made the 25th of Iune 1707.

These two last Standard peices were delived by the Lord {e}id{a}s{w}{illeg} to the Right Honorable Charles Lord Halifax & to the Vice Chamberl{a}{in} of the excheqr       day of Iuly 1707 & the sd Lord & Peter LeNeve Mr Iohn Lowe the senior Vice Chamberlain being out of town gave distinct Receipts for them witnesse my hand Peter LeNeve/

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