Brief Nots of suche Articles and profes as the mr hathe shewed to the sworne men againste the wardens ouersight of the mrs meltinge

1.It appereth by diuerse statutes and Records that thexchange & mynte and thofficers therof were two Seuerall and distincte offices and officers wch proveth that the warden of thexchange was not to entermeddle wth the mrs of the mynte meltinge/
2.Item it appereth by the Redde booke wherin the mr & warden of the mynts office is ꝑticulalry explayned and ye meltinge of moneyes and bullyon diuerse tymes mentoned that the warden was not accustomed to ouerse the mrs meltinge/
3.Item it appereth that by thaccompte for the space of C iiijxx vj yeares wherin the kings proffitte and the wardens charge is ꝑticulalry expressed the kinge had not any proffit or the warden any ouersight of the mrs meltinge/
4.Item it appreth that by thindentments in the tyme aforesaide wherin the kings proffitts & the wardens ouersight is particularly expressed the kinge had not any proffitt or the warden any ouersight of the mrs meltinge/
5.Item it appereth by deposition viua voce of two honest witnesses and subscribed by a thirde that in the tyme of kinge henry the viijth the L: Mounteioye Raph Rowlet & Martyn Bowes beinge mrs then seuerall mrs And John Coppinger and John Browne beinge then seuerall wardens that neither the saide wardens nor any other officer of the mynte excepte suche as the mr did therunto appointte had any thynge to doe wth the mrs meltinge or cam into the meltinge house either to ouerse or comaunde any thinge there to be don nore kepte any keye of the meltinge house/

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