In all these Indentures followinge there is no menton made of the wardens ouersight in meltinge and heere appereth also who had the

   Ao. 35. E. 3. Robte Portico.Meltinge of moneyes. ~~~~. fo. witn.
   Ao. 19. Ri. 2. Hanfrey Molakin.Meltinge of moneyes ~~~~. fo. witn.
   Ao. 19. h. 6. Willm End.Meltinge of moneyes ~~~~. fo. witn.
Meltinge of Bullion. ~~~~ fo. 13.00.00..witned by the Comptroller and Assayers bicause End was warden of thexchange
   Ao. 12. E. 6. John Padsley.Meltinge of moneyes. ~~~~. fo. witn
Meltinge of Bullion. ~~~~ fo, 26.00.00..witned by the Comptroller and Assayers bicanse Padsleye was warden of thexchange
   Ao. 5. E. 4. Willm L: Hastinge.Meltinge of Moneyes. ~~~~. fo. witn.
   Ao. 1. R. 3. Robte Brakenbury.Meltinge of Moneyes. ~~~~. fo. 06.10.00}no witn.
Meltinge of Bullyon. ~~~~. fo. 24.00.00
   Ao. 8. h. 7. John Shawe and Barholmew Redde.Meltinge of Moneyes. ~~~~. fo. 03.06.00}no witn.
Meltinge of Bullyon. ~~~~. fo. 13.00.00
   Ao. 21. h. 7. Robte Pfenrother & willm Redde.Meltinge of Moneyes. ~~~. fo. 05.08.00}no witn.
Meltinge of Bullion ~~~~. fo. 17..00.00
   Ao. 1. h. 8. L: Mounteioye.Meltinge of moneyes. ~~~~ fo. 06.12.00}no witn.
Meltinge of Bullyon. ~~~~. fo. 28.00.00
   Ao. 24. h. 8. Raph Row and Martyn Bowes.Meltinge of Moneyes. ~~~~. fo. 12.16.28}no witn.
Meltinge of Bullyon. ~~~~. fo. 50.00.00

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