Articles to prove that appeareth not by the mrs Indentures the kinge was to haue any proffitt or the warden any ouersight of the mrs meltinge

Portico mr Ao. 35. E. 3.{John Portico mr in the Tower of London / fo. 1.
The defective moneys to be remolten at the charge of the mr (the warden not appointed to ouerse) fo. 4. /
The warden of the kings moneyes shall take upp of euery pounde weight {illeg} by weight. fo. 6.
Defective moneyes to be remolten at the charge of the mr (no ouersight of the warden._ fo. 7
The warden shall ouersee the moneyes. fo. 8./
The moneyes to be shut in a chest wth two keyes thone to the warden &c. fo. 8.
A portion put in a boxe sealed wth the wardens Seale &c. fo. 10.
And shut wth iij keyes thone keye to the warden &c. fo. 10.
Opened in the presence of the warden. fo. 10.
wardens ouersight {neress ye antremt pt graut plufort & il ne doit {illeg}ye.}/The grauer plated in a house &c by thouersight of the warden. fo. 13.
The grauer paied by the hande of the warden. fo. 13.
All mrs Indentures haue almoste suche like Articles {concerninge} the warden./The {aner} to make gre to the warden for that the grauer shall have. fo. 13.
The graus to be deliuered to the key in the presence of the warden &c. for. 14.
The Assayers to trye the truthe in the presence of the warden &c fo. 14.
The tonches to remaine in the custodye of the warden. fo. 15
The warden &c shall take heede of the quantitys. fo. 16.
The warden bounde to showe to euery man his som̄e. fo. 17.
{Marchaunte} moneys to remaine in the wardens custodie. fo. 17.
The warden to take upp all the proffitte. fo. 18.
The mr shall not accompte but to the warden only / fo. 18./
Item all mrs Indentures followinge viz. Ao 19. E. 2 / Ao. 10. E. 6. / Ao 5. E. 4 / Ao. 1. E. 3. / Ao 8. E. 7. / Ao. 27. E. 7. / Ao 1. E. 8. / Ao. 24. E> 8. / Come almoste in one forme In euery of wch Indentures menton is made of moneyes and bullion to be molten by the mr / And the wardens receipts custodie and payement wch his persence & ouersight is ꝑticularly appointed as appereth by the Articles aforesaide yett in any of the saide Indentures there is not once menton made of any proffitt due to the kinge or ouersight to the warden of the mrs meltinge
Ind. Ao. 10. E. 6. {Padsley}. Ao 12. E. 6.Also in some of the saide Indentures wherin meltinge of bullion is mentoned other proffitte\offices/ be appointed to haue the vieu therof and the warden excluded wch is a directe profe that the waren was not accustomed to ouerse the mrs meltinge /
And also it must neede be confeste that yf it had aperteined to the warden office to haue any ouersight of the mrs meltinge it wolde aswell haue ben expressed in some of thindentures as is the wardens presence & ouersight in so many matters aforesaide of smaler importance /

And thus muche to proue by thindentures that the warden hathe not ben accustomed to haue any ouersight of the mrs meltinge

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