|Middx Ss | The Informaion of Jane Smith Widdow taken upon Oath before Mr Record.er of Lond.o Aprill 7.th 1704

This Informant upon her Oath deposeth and Saith that about a twelvemonth since she saw Jane Salt deliver to Sophia Ballard Severall peices of false and Counterfeit money and in ꝑticular ab.t Febry. last was 12. month this Inform:t saw the Sd Jane Salt deliver to the said Sophia Ballard two Shillings and Sixteen Sixpences of false and counterfeit money, which she the Sd Ballard rec.d of the said Salt in lieu of 5. Shillings due to her in part of paymt, for a peice of Stuff which the Sd Salt had bought of the Sd Ballard, all which money the Sd Ballard knew to be false and counterfeit. And further this Inform:t maketh Oath that she the said Ballard hath often times put of Such false and counterfeit money knowing it to be false. And further this Inform:t maketh Oath that Willm Maw hath oftentimes Rec.d of the said Salt, as also of the Sd Ballard Severall ꝑcells of false and Counterfeit money, which he the Sd Maw did dayly put off knowing it to be false. And this Inform:t further maketh Oath, that she hath severall times recd of Elizabeth Peirson and Martha Tanner false and Counterfeit money, wch she this Inform:t used to put off for them, and She this Informant hath severall times Seen the Sd Eliz: Peirson & Martha Tanner put off false and counterfeit money knowing it to be false they makeing it the cheife of their business so to do Capt. et jurat &ct coram      S Lovell Rder                     Jane Mark Smith

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