|Com Lanc.er Ss.| The Exaiaion of James Lindow of Bostat Yeat in the parish of Ulverston taken ye 25.th of Nov:er 1704.

Who upon his Exaiaion confesseth and Saith that on Tuesday last the 25.th of Nov.er Instant at night he was at the house of Roger Woodburn in Ulverstone drinking with some Company with the Sd Woodburn Benjamin Johnson, Robt wainman Tho. Petty and others, and some discourse happening between this Exam.t and ye Sd Roger Woodburne, whereby this Exam.t apprehended himselfe to be slandered, he this Ex.t pull'd out of his pocket two halfe Crownes, and dd them to Ben: Johnson (beleiveing him to be an Attorneny {sic} at Law) as his Fee to be concern'd for this Ex.t in a Suite of Law, to be com̄enced ag.t the Sd Roger Woodburn for the Slander, But this <1v> Exam.t doth not Remember that ye Sd Ben: Johnson challenged the Sd 12 Crownes to be bad money, nor yt this Exam.t thereupon went out of the Company.    This Exam.t remembers some time after the two halfe Crownes were delivered to the Sd Ben: Johnson, there was a talk amongst the Company, of some more halfe Crownes being found in the town Street of Ulverstone, and bro.t into the house but this Ex.t denyes that he was in the Street, betwixt his Delivery of the two halfe Crowns to Ben: Johnson, and the talk of the halfe Crowns said to be found in the Street, but beleives in that time he might be at the street door, This Ex.t beleives he did receive the two halfe Crowns, by him delivered to the Sd Ben: Johnson as aforesd amongst 17.s wch the day before he recd from an Unknown hand at Hauxhead for yarn which he sold there, but did not know the man he sold it unto, and that the said 2. halfe Crownes were never restored again to this Ex.t                               Jam:s Lindow Cap.t &c.t an et die Suꝑdit coram nobis Cha: Rigby             Tho: Sherston             Jo: Hodgson

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