|Com Lancaster Ss.| The Informaion upon Oath of Roger Woodburn of Ulverston in the Sd County Gen: taken the 25.th Nover 1704. &c.t

Who Informeth and Saith that on Tuesday last ye 4. instant this Inform:t was in Company with Ben: Johnson of Kirkby Lonsdale in the County of Westmld Gen and James Lindlow of the parish of Ulverston aforesd yeom Thomas Petty Robbt Stanckbanck, John Wilkinson and Robert Warriner all in this Inform:ts house in Ulverston, drinking a Glass of Ale, where there happen'd some jocose discourse, betwixt this Inform:t and the Sd John Lindd|l|ow, wherein the said Lindow pretended this Inform:t had uttered some scandalous words ag.t him, and thereupn the Sd John Lindow pulled two halfe Crowns out of his pocket, and offered them to Mr John Benjamin Johnson (whome he apprehended to be an Attorney at Law) as his Fee to be concern'd for him in a Suit to be com̄enced agt this Informant for the Sd Slander, That the Sd Mr Johnson look {sic} the 12 Crownes and layd them by him, and shortly after looking upon them he declared that he beleived they were both Counterfeit money, and charged the said Lindow with them, but he said that he had them at Hauxhood for yarn by him there lately sold, and Mr Johnson talking of sending for a Constable, the said Lindow went out of the Roome, into the town Street of Ulverston aforesd where upon Mr Johnson said yt his goeing out of the room look't more Suspitious upon the Sd Ja. Lindow. This Inform:t further saith yt when the Sd Mr Johnson first charged the Sd Lindown with the two bad halfe Crownes, he the Sd Lindow pulled out more money, amongst wch Mr Johnson looking picked out another halfe Crown wch he Sd yt he beleived was Counterfeit and also took that from ye Sd Lindow: That about a quarter of an hour after (or less) Lindow comeing into ye Sd company again, some of the Company stept out into the street, and Shortly after brought in 12. or 13. other halfe Crowns which they said they found in the Town Street of Ulverston, and beleived them to be counterfeit, which some of the Company sealed up in a paper, but this Inform:t did not see when the Sd halfe Crowns were taken up. And this Inform:t further saith not                          Roger Woodburn Capt jurat &c.t coram nobis Cha: Rigby Tho: Sherston Jo: Hidgson

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