The Informaion of Henry Lea taken upon Oath this second day of August 1704.

This Inform:t upon his Oath deposeth and saith, that about a 12. months Since, he this Informant saw John Martin Stocker Goldsmith melt down about 4. or 5. pounds of Silver money of the current Coyn of this Kingdom, with fine Silver and therewith made work. And this Inform:t further saith, that the latter end of March 1703. he saw the aforesaid John Martin Stocker Soder the Goldsmiths-hall Marks for standard Silver into Course Silver, and at severall other times this Inform:t Saw the Sd John Martin Stocker cut out of old plate the said Hall Marks and Soder them into New plate, and this Inform:t further saith, that John Tiffin lately a Goldsmith upon London Bridge, was privy to and did know that the Sd John Martin Stocker, did Soder the Hallmartks into Course plate                                              Hen: Lea Capt et jurat &c.t coram S. Lovell R.dr

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