The Informaion of Mr Wm Atwill Goldsmith taken upon Oath &c.t this 24. day of July 1704.

Who saith that he this Deponent hath bought at divers times severall parcells of peices of Eight of Mr Berth March.t in Mark Layn, and that he this Depon.t hath often found fault with Some of the peices of Eight so bought as aforesd and returned the same back to the aforesd Mr Berth, And he this Depon.t doth say that he doth beleive the peices of Eight so returnd as aforesd to be good Silver, but doth not beleive they were either coyn'd or Stampt in Spain, or in the Spanish west Indies. And that those which he so Objected against are of the same sort that is now shewn unto him, and yt he doth not remember, that any other person did Offer to Sell him any of the aforesd Suspitious peices of Eight Except the aforesaid Mr Berth.

|Capt. S Lovll| Hee the Sd Depon.t being further Examined saith & deposeth that since his above Exaiaion was taken he was at the East Company Treasury to know, whether they had look't over the peices of Eight he last Sold them, and had there, about 150. peices return'd upon his hands for Counterfeit, wch he deposeth he beleives he bought from Mr Berth, and are of the same kind with those above mentioned, And produced unto him.                                         Wm Atwill Capt. et jurat an et die Suꝑ dict coram me S. Lovell R.dr

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