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An{illeg} Informacon given upon oath by Mary Townsend Widdow before the Rt. honble Secreary Vernon agt. Elizabeth Iones now in Newgate Committed for filing and diminishing Gineas {sic}

this Elizabeth Iones has gone by many Names a great cheat and a dangerous Enemy to the Governmt before and after she lived with this Deponents father as a Concubine here and in Ireland and being Great Coyners and Clippers this Elizabeth Iones to carry on the work the better paid a certain penīon quarterly and yearly unto Gibbons ye messengr. and others to give notice before any search was made thus that trade prosperd and went on Eliz Iones allowing the Depont <96r> part of the proffit but this Elizabeth Iones being an Enemy to King William got the Male or post stopped and robbed by highwaymen who brought a box or pacquet of a foot {g}uard by estimacon might have 200 letters and this Elizabeth Iones had this Pacquet in her custody this Depont. then see it with her– The yn Secretarys of the state finding this pacquet wanting and their matters not go right in France there was great search for this pacquet and it was removed to severall places and it had been found had it not been{sic} removed to one Edward Iones's his house in Westmr. for Edward Ivie this Deponts father and this Eliz Iones were in great fear and concerne abot. this pacquet declaring if it was found it would ruin the French King's Interest here and King Iames besides endangering all their friends at last Elizabeth Iones found means to send it to France Mrs. Hickes can make out more ꝑticularly abot. this pacquet and mr Iohn Hickes and if mr Bedford that lives in shear {sic}\shoe/ Lane by Temple Barr at the sign of the Robin Hood if he was examined agt this Eliz Iones can give some accot. but mr Brady can make out the whole and this Depont. believes she can direct what summ of money this Eliz Iones had of         Barkley and Colonell Parker and how + where it was conveyed and the names of all– This Eliz Iones together with this Deponts father Edwd Ivie and his wife were brought from Irland to be Witnesses agt. Brady + Iennens for coyning and being under outlawry for coyning were Committd. to Newgate Edward Ivie and his wife dyed in Newgat{e} and this Eliz Iones at the Kings charge has had her outoutlary reversed and pleaded it at the King's Bench Barr– She is now upon another accot in Newgate she has done the King no service for reversing her outlary

And if she was kept close sometime from the company of the thousand pound prisoners and the conversacon of mrs Merryweather this Depont believes she would make a great Discovery corresponding in France and of all the Great Coyners abot Dublin for when her Cabinet was searched there was found Dyes Edgers and the like Instruments so that if she was kept separate or close and then examined much might be found out for she is a Subtil woman and this Deponts. father Edward Ivie and his wife left all to her managmt— This Depont has found she has found out an Outlary agt. this Depont. to frighten fro coni{v}ing an evidence agt her The outlary is for a misdemeanr in buy {sic} clippings before the cut of {Grass} But ye Depont being very poor humbly prays to be protectd fro yt outlary as yor {sic} honor in yor great wisdom thinks fitt

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