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The Informacon of ann Tomkins \wife/ of Samuell Tomkins

Who saith that she hapened to be a servt. to one Eliz Peirce abot. Febry 1696 who then lived in a house near West Smithfield Barrs London in which house there then also lived one Thomas Lee a Silver smith who then and there togeather wth. the said Eliz Peirce did Coyn sixpences shillings and half Crownes to the value of Three hundred poundes in old money and this Informt. sayth that she did see the said Elizabeth Peirce and Thomas Lee actually stamp the half crowns and cast the shillings and sixpences in Flaskes and that they told this Informt. afterwards that they had dispensed of greatest part of the said three hundred pounds in the Exchec at Westmr. which they paid in there in baggs sealed up and that they had a Friend belonging to the Exchec that reced the same without opening the same baggs or looking whether it was good or bad money but what there {sic} said Friend's name was this Informt doth not know

Ann Thomkins

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Note that Mrs Peirce is a Goldsmith and keeps a shop next Charterhouse Lane and by porters block near West Smithfield and Lee lives with her under colour of her apptice

West a Butchers aptice in the same house has heard Lee confess something of coyning

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[2] Capt et Iurat 3° die Decembris
1698 cor me
    S Lovell Recordr

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