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The Information of Sarah Gates taken upon Oath this 20th. day of February Anno Dni 16989

Who saith That abot. a fortnight since she did see Iohn Hollyday and Iohn Worley scour and boyle 15 counterfeit shillings and aftrwards rub them in Argill in order to put them off as Current Coyn of this Kingdom, and that some short time afterwards before she this Informt. did see the said Iohn Hollyday cast severall Countrfeit shillings in Flasks and that the said Iohn Worley +       his wife were present when the same were done and was very frequently in company with the said Iohn Hollyday when he was at work in counterfeiting the Current Coyn of this Kingdom and had an equall share with him in the proffitt that accrued thereby and that the said money was made at the house of the said Iohn Hollyday in Air street near Ockley in the hole but the said Iohn Holliday being lately disturbed is removed to another place, and that she this Informt. verily believes that the said Ino Hollyday Iohn Worley and          his wife do still counterfeit the Current Coyn of this Kingdom and that the same is carryed on in the house of Thomas Worley situate in St. Iohn Court in Cow Lane in West smithfield

the mark of
Sarah Gates


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[2] Capt et Iurat Coram me
           S Lovell Recorder

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