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The Deposicon of Iohn Abbot of Water Lane in Fleet street Refiner 15th. day of February 16989

He saith that abot. 3 or 4 yeares ago William Chaloner now Prisoner in Newgate shewed the Depont. 3 or 4 blanck stamps for Gineas {sic} wch. he said he could get to be struck with the Tower Dyes and that they were fitted to be struck on both sides like a Ginea {sic} but broader and he said that Patrick Coffee could get them done any day at noon by a journeyman Smith in the Tower and that the said Chaloner afterwards told the Deponent that he had got his buisiness done and that wth. the stamps that he had got struck he could make as many other stamps as he pleased

The Deponent saith further that the said Chaloner about 4 years ago desired to go into the Deponents Compting house and the Deponent telling him that he could not because wt. silver and Gold he had was there the said Chaloner desired the Deponent to let him go into his Back Compting house and the Deponent gave him leave to doe soe after ye removall of somethings and locking the door upon him and going out left him in the said Back Compting house for abot. 12 an hour & yn. returning and unlocking the door of the said Compting house & going in found the said Chaloner there in his shirt fileing of Gineas {sic} round ye edges and saw him edge them when he had done filing and that he edged them with a piece of Iron which had a grove running along the midle of it the Iron he held between his knees and ran the lower edge of the Ginea {sic} along the Grove and at the sametime struck the Ginea {sic} on the upper edge with a Wooden Mallett to make the lower edge take ye impression of the Grove And the Depont. saith that the said Chaloner had then before him above 40 Gineas {sic} thus filed and edged and that the sd Chaloner said to the Deponent that the said Gineas {sic} were too heavy to be parted wth. and yt the said Chaloner took the Gold Filings which lay scatterd upon a sheet of white paper and put them into a wooden box and carryd. them away wth him

The Depont. saith further that the said Chaloner abot. Midsomer last or a litle after shewed the Deponent abot. 10 or 12 new Counterfeit shiilings which seemd to be Tin or pewter and askt the Depont. if he could put any of them away, and ye Depont replyed that they could not pass they were so light and the said Chaloner thenconfessed to the Deponent that he made them himself the night before by casting them in a Mould of Lead in his own Chamber The Depont saith further that abot. 3 years ago wn. the Clipt money was going fown the said Chaloner told him that he the said Chaloner and his brother Grosvenr made as much counterfeit money in 12 Crowns at his said brothers house in Mark Lane in 8 weeks time as they 2 got 600li a piece by and that abot. 2 or 3 months before when they were preparing to coyn this money the sd Grosvenor sent for the Deponent to fetch his sweep away that he might have his room clear to coyn in and whilst the Deponent was at the said <56v> Grosvenor's house taking away the sweep two men like Smithsbrought a very great vice with a long handle wch. the said Chandler being then present said yt he designed to make use of for a press + place the Dyes between the 2 leegs to give it the greater forceAnd the Deponent saith that the said vice was as heavy as a strong man could well lift and taht while the said Chaloner and Grosvenor were coynign the said money they came sometimes to the Depont. to buy silver and paid the Deponent 50li in Counterfeit money for the same and by the hands of his servant and the Deponent pressing ym. to change the said Counterfeit money for good money and to complain if they did not change it thereupon they enterd an action in Wood street for part of the silver they were to receive for the said money and threatned to swear that they paid good money and that the Counterfeit money was not theires but afterwards perceiving that the Depont. was resolved to complain to a Iusticethey changed the said money and gave the Deponent a Treat at the 3 Tuns in Wood street And that the said Chaloner told him that Carter and FitzGerald had offered to help him to an hundred Gineas {sic} for graving a Plate to print of Mault Tickets if he would undertake to do it and some time after came and dined with the Deponent and told him that he had done the buisiness and that Tickets would be ready that week and desired the Deponent to come to him and he should not want for money for he was resolved to live poor no longer and this was abot. 10 or 12 daies before he was taken up

Iohn Abbot


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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict Coram Is Newton

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