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The Deposiīon of Thomas Gale of Cambridge in the County of Cambridge Carpenter taken this 5th day of Decembr 1698

He saith that on or about the 24th. day of October last he reced of William Thornton who lately kept ye Fountain Taverne in Bury in the County of Suffold the sum of five shillings of Counterfeit mill'd money at the Town of Cambridge above menconed in a paymt of 7s. of which 2 were good ones and that abot a fortnight afterwards the Depont. seiz'd a box by a Warrt. from the Mayor of Cambridge which box Mr. Thomas Sadler of Strattam in the Isle of Ely sent by his son Iohn Goodgame to one {Long} a Poulterer in Cambridge to carry to London to Mr. Iohn Mann at the Sign of the Bell and Cheqr. in Crispin street near Spittle fields Markett to whom it was directed And that the said Box being seiz'd at Cambridge in the custody of the said {Long} and opened there were found in it 4 pair of Brass Flass for casting, severall litle baggs of fine White pouder supposed to be the Spaud for moulding the Flasks and severall files: and a hammer or two and a Bottle of Aqua fortis and a sett of steel Lettrs and Screws with Plates to hold the Flasks and an Instrumt with a Wheel and sevll. <32r> other things And yt Sadler above menconed being apprehended and examd. abot. the said box afirmed that that box was William Thorton's above menconed and that in the said box was found a Morning Gown which one mr. Iennings had before seen worn by such a sort of a Man as Mr Thorton is described to be and Sadlers wife and son and daughter all confirmed that the said Box belongd. to a man who went by the name of Sadler's brother which man Sadler said was Thorton And that the said Sadler owned yt the said box was sent from London before Sturbridge Fair by the said Wm. Thornton came down from London to Sadlers last Summer and after some stay there he and Sadler went to London togeather and after their return to Sadler's house the said box came down from London in the Wagon as Sadler represents and was kept by Thornton in Sadler's house in the Chamber where Thornton lay and that Sadler owns that Thornton staid abot. 20 weeks at his house and that one Renolds a Smith in St. Ives in the County of Huntington is reported to have made 5 or 6 round pieces of Iron some of the Bignes of a shilling and some of the bigness of 12 a Crown for Sadler and Thornton who paid him for them and that the Depont. hath also been told that Sadler and his wife, son and Daughter have all of them put off counterfeit new milld money

Tho Gaile


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[2] Iurat 10ber 5° 1689
coram Isaac Newton

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