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The Informacon of Katherine Matthews of Earles Court in Craburne All in the ꝑish of St. Ann Westmr.

This Informt. saith that she has known Thomas Carter these 10 yeares when he lived with the Earle of Huntington, and yt she hath known William Chaloner these 6 yeares or thereabot. yt she came acquainted with Chaloner by the means of Carter abot 5 yeares ago the Chaloner coyned fake Gineas {sic} as he told this Informt at his brother Graveners house the said Gineas {sic} were made of Silver and this Informt. has seen Chaloner guilding them at the Lodgings she hyred for him at one Ells Clarks behind Westmr Abby

This Informt {illeg}|h|a{illeg}|d| abot. 10 of those counterfeit Gineas {sic} from Chaloner and gave 8s. a piece for them This Informt. having paid away some of the said Gineas {sic} that were turnd upon her hands the guilding wearing off and she carryd. them to Chaloner who guilt them over again

Abot. yt time Chaloner was accused by one Blackferd for cliping and coying so yt he was forced to abscond and he gave a Ginea {sic} stampt to this Informt. to keep for him which this Informt kept abot. a fortnight and then Chaloner asking her for it he had it again

Sometime after yt. this Informt. had counterfeit silver money of Chaloner in half Crownes and shillings she gave him 20s in litle clipt money and had from Chaloner 25s. of his counterfeit money which passed without being questioned

Abot. Iune last Chaloner came to this Informt. and askt for Carter telling her he could put him in away to get money abot. 3 or four days after Carter and Chaloner came togeather to this Informts. house who lived then in a house belonging to David Davis near Grafton street then Chaloner saying it was as good a time now as ever if people were but tru{illeg}|e| to one another immediatly after yt. Chaloner borrowd. a shilling of this Informt. and went and bought a leather {illeg}|sk|in which he cut into two round pieces and sewed it upp and then filled it with sand Chaloner carryd it up staires and sent this Informt's. Maid to Carter's Lodging to fetch him from thence a bottle with oyle a litle Bottle of aqua fortis and an oyle stone which the Maid brought him Chaloner staid abot|v|e staires abot 2 or three houses when Chaloner came down againe he left with this Informt a litle Copper plate in the shape of a Card desiring <30v> this Informt. to keep it safe, This Informt. looking upon the sd plate saw some scratches upon it like letters and something like a flourish on the sides. Three or 4 dayes after Chaloner called for the said Plate and took it away with him

Soon after that, this Informt removed to another Lodging in King's street St. Gyles Chaloner came thither to this Informt. and gave her the same plate to keep she then found it was more finished when Chaloner came for it againe In two or 3 dayes this Informt. told him she saw he was making bills and yt he would come to be hanged for it as Price was Chaloner answerd that Price was in for Exchec Bills and this was but for Mault Ticketts and if it came to the worst it would but be a Misdemeanr. and he promist this Informt. he should have some of them when they made any number of them but she never had any Tickets from him The morning that Davis was taken upp this Informts. Lodging was searcht for Carter whereupon this Informt. sent her Maid to Chaloner to give him notice of it the next day Chaloner sent to this Informt. yt. she should caution Carter to keep out of the way

the mark of
Katherine Mattews {sic}


[1] 77

[2] Iurat 23d Octo 1698
coram me Ia Vernon

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