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A Copy of Sr. Iohn Trenchards Warrt. agt. Iohn Hickes and others for Clipping the Currt. Coyn


Sr. Iohn Trenchard Knight of their majtys. most honble privy Concill and principall Secretary of State &.

These are in their Majtys. Names to authorize and require you (taking to yor assistance a Constable) forwith {sic} to make strict and dilligt. search for Iohn Hickes and Mary his wife Mary Huett Thomas Iones Matthew Coppinger Robt. Iacobs and Iana his wife standing chargd on oath of High Treason in Clipping and fi{t}|l|ing the Current Coyn of this Kingdom and them or any of them having found you are to apprehend and being in safe custody before me to be examd touching the same and to be further de{illeg}|a|lt with according to Law In due execucon thereof all Iustices of peace Conbles + others are to be assisting to you as there may be occasion and for so doing this shall be your Warrant Given at the Court at Whitehall the Ninteenth {sic} day of September 1693

I Trenchard


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[2] To any of their Majtys Messengers

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