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The Examinacon of Cecilia Labree 16 May 1698

That abot. a quarter of a year since she hyred a house in Litle {sic} Ambrey in Westmr and that one         Cook hyred severall Rooms of her in the house aforesd who had lodged with her abot. 6 weeks with his daughter a Girle abot. 13 or 14 years of age the said Cook pretended to be a Clockmaker by Trade and made use of the Garret to cast Metall in as he pretended for Vtensills necessary in his Trade and that she had seen him severall tymes in his back shop making Some of the said Tools that were taking in her house and none produced before me but that she did not know what use they were for or did ever see him make any false or Counterfeit money or did know that ever he did soe but that he did give her a false Ginea {sic} half Ginea {sic} and Lewis d'or for to lay by for him which he told her he had bought by weight to make use of in his trade

Cecilia Labree


[1] 30

[2] Capt coramme
  Iohn Packer

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