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The Examincacon of Mary Bush of Highgate in the County of Middx Widdow taken this 13th day of augt. 1698

Who saith yt. in or abot. March last past as this Examt. was going to {Redriff} she met with one Mr. Robt. Lacy who went with this Examt {Redriffe} aforesaid, and in their return at the request of the said Lacy this Examt. let him the said Lacy a room in her house at Highgate and in two or three dayes after the said Robt Lacy, Mary his wife and one Mr. Thomas Read came to his Informant's house at Highgate and in a day or two afterwards this Examt. saw the said Robert Lacy and Mary his wife counterfeit the current coyn of this Kingdom by casting of shillings and the sd Thomas Read was assisting to them in doing the same

And this Informt. further sayth that abot. three years ago she this Examt. used to scour and wash for the said Robt. Lacy and Mary his wife who then lived in Bell Ally near Colemand Street. and this Examt. did and there see the said Robt Lacy and Mary his wife clip the Current Coyn of this Kingdom severall yeares

And this Examt. further sayth that upon her seing {sic} the said Robt. Lacy and Mary his wife make counterfeit money as aforesaid She this Examt. told the said Lacy that if she had thought they would have made false money in her house she would not have let her Room to him but Mary the wife of the sd Lacy {seem}ingly said that this Examt. should have the third part of the false money which they were coyned

This Examt. farther sayth that she hath been assisting to the sd Robt. Lacy and his wife in Clipping the Currant Coyn of this Realm in a house in Petty France by Moor fields

the mark of
Mary Bush

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