Honoured Sr

Being obliged to write this post to Mr Newton, and being desirous to give you the same account of things, I made bold to send Mr Newtons letter under your cover which I entreat you {wri}te up and send him ꝑ penny post, as also Mr Weddalls Latter to Mr Neale that you both may see it. In one of my last I wrote you that Mr Hanmers originall design was levelled at me: the story's thus Mr Mason being declared joynt Comptroller with your self, about last Christmass, Mr Hanmer living with\in/ 18 miles of Chester, and brother in Law to Mr Mason, whose sister he married, came about the 20th of Ianuary with about 100oz of silver to the Mint, requiring me to change it for him at 5s. 4d ꝑ ounce; and to shew me his relation to mr Mason he brought with him the letter I wrote to Mr Mason to congratulate him upon his grant; I imagining no harm, but being willing to oblig{e} a friend of Mr Masons, and considering the smallness of the summ, did change it for him and took the ticket till due. This I \since/ believe he designed as a trapp to accuse me of undue preference, but the summ being too little to be any wise regarded, he came again on the {illeg} day of February, with severall persons, and 500 Ounces of silver {illeg} changed likewise at 5s. 4d ꝑ ounce. which he swore we should {illeg} at that rate, or he would turn us all out of our place, or that {his} brother should. But before he declared this he would {needs} {ha}{ve to} drink a glass of Wine with them, and the Warden accompanyd me {We} soon found them very ill company, exceptious and captious to a strong degree, when one wiser then my self who happened to be there told me that I ought to have a care of those people for that he perceive{d} they had a design on me; I was soon perswaded and filed off, and had the misfortune to leave the Warden in the ill circumstances you have lately heard {illeg}|of|, though our affidavit {men} our luckily confronted by the Testimony now sent you, under the hands of 3 or 4 as {eminent} persons as this country affords. The post will stay no longer to I can subscribe myself

You most faithful {frie>}|serv|ant

Edm Halley

Chester Iuly. 31°


For the honed. Tho. Mollyneux Esqr in Whitelyon Court in


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