Chester Feb 13° 16967

Honoured Sr

I give you most hearty thanks for your care of my Interest and {illeg}|g|ood inclination to prefer me. As to the proffer you are pleasd to make me of procuring me an Engineers place, I cannot yet tell what to say to it, without I know the occasion or business I should be employed about, for as there is reason to apprehend the war near an end, so unless I were upon a lasting establishment, I suppose I should soon be discarded. I should have been very much obliged to Mr Sam: Newton had he pleased to informe me further: but because loss of time in those csaes is dangerous, be pleased to say I will accept of your\this/ kind offer, provided Sr Martin Beckman be of opinion that my post is like to be durable, and I am little solicitous about the service wherever I am employed. Mr Clarke our Master Worker has been at London this two months, and left all his business (which has for this month past kept us all fully employed) to our care, though we know not why we should charge our selves therwith he not desiring it; but we have been willing to serve the publick by giving a constant attendance and animating all parts of the Mint, \so/ that at this time we have cleard of all yt was imported above 5 weeks since; and have issued about 50000li. of new Money. Mr Weddall gives you his humble service.

I am



Your most obedient servant

Edm. Halley.


To Isaac Newton Esqr
at his house in Iermyn Street
near St Iames's

These I
humbly present

[1] I hope you will be able
to gett us excused this
heavy Capitation tax
upon our salaries.

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