To the officers at ye Mint at Chester


Mr. Richard Dallow the Porter of our Mint having admitted Edward Webb to be his Deputy In yor Mint on Condicon expressed in a bond, That the said Deputy should deduct & pay out of each quarters Sallary 59s: to Richd Dallow aforesaid, And there being two Quarter's Sallary or 5L. become due & payable at Chras last to the said Richard Dallowe. We direct you to Stop the paymt. of the whole Chras Quarter. & if payd, to recover the sume of 5l. in the most convenient manner

We are



Yor. very Loving Freinds {sic}

Is: Newton


Tho: Neale

Cha: Mason

[1] London Mint office
May 15: 97

[2] A Box of 12 Cro. & 14 Shill was sent you this day by Iames {Pengue}

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