At the Council Chamber St. Iames's the 10th Septr: 1714.


Their Excellency's the Lords Iustices in Council.

The Right Honble: the Lords of the Committee appointed to consider of the Manner of His Majestys Coronation, having this Day presented to the Board a Report from Sr. Isaac Newton Master of the Mint with the Drafts of Medals to be Distributed on the Day of His Majestys Coronation, which Drafts having been fully considered their Excellencys in Council were pleased to approve of that Draft, Representing His Majestys Effigies, on one side, with this Inscription, Georguis D.G. Mag: Britt: Fr: et Hib: Rex. And on the Reverse thereof, His Majesty in his Royal Robes, seated in a chair, with a Brittania setting a Crown upon his Head; And no other motto than in the Exergue, Inauguratus Oct MDCCXIV. And to order, as it is hereby Ordered, that the said Master of the Mint do cause forthwith to be made and prepared such Number of the sand Medals as usual; And that particular Care be taken, that the Impression of the said medals do rise high, like those Medals made upon the late peace, And to be of such Value according to the said Draft; which Medals are to be Distributed at His Majestys Coronation in such manner as His Majesty shall think fitt. And the Right Honble the Lord High Trearer of Great Brittain is to give the Necessary Directions herein accordingly.

Edward Southwell.

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