To the Rt. Honble: the Lord High Trearer of Great Britain.

May it please Your Lordship

In Obedience to Your Lordships Order of Reference of Sept: 25th: upon the Annexed Memoriall of the Commrs for Managing Her Majestys Dutys on Stampt Vellom {sic} parchment and paper Wee have Advised with the said Commrs concerning new Dyes to be made for Stamping the same & Concerni\ng/ several alterations proposed thereon for preventing the Counterfeiting of the Stampt Butt no Alteration being absolutely agreed upon We are humbly of Opinion that their Old Stamps be renewed without alteration at present, and that the making of the penny stamp may deserve about 2£: 5s that of the Six penny stamp about 3£: 10s that of the twelve penny stamp about 5£. and that of the Crown Stamp about 10£. And whereas only the six penny stamp has been discovered to be Counterfeited, and one Mr. Rollos has proposed to stamp the paper between two Dyes for giving it the Deeper Impression & to putt a Britannia between the stamps Wee are humbly of Opinion that an Experiment of this be made in the six penny stamp, either with or without a Britannia or some other Convenient Figure and that after Trial the Commrs may use it or Lay it aside as they shall Iudge most Convenient And if it be found inconvenient to stamp the paper between two Dyes, a new figure may be added to the old stamps and put upon any Convenient part of the paper if it be not found too troublesome in the Working

All wch: is most humbly submitted to Your Lordships &c.


C: Peyton

Is: Newton

In Ellis


[1] Mint Office
10 March 17089.


Mr Roos hath a Patent for Graving seals and can do it very well if he be Directed to do it with his own Hands.

Is: Newton:

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