Leicester Fields. Aug. 1717

May it please yor Lordp

Mr Kelsal was with me this afternoon to forward the signing of the Warrant for setting on foot the copper coynage, wch puts me upon acquainting your Lordship that I am not yet come to an agreement with the Moneyers & that some of those who propose to import copper at 17d12 have been tampering with Hind the Brasier & his Partner to unsettle my agreement with him. The moneyers insist stifly upon 2d per pound weight, & if I cannot get them to {illeg}|aba|te a pound farthing, I must intreate your Lordp \& the other Commers/ that the on their account a farthing be added to the 314d allowed m{illeg}|e|. And whilst those that propose to import copper at 1712d pr Lwt do not endeavour to satisfy me that they {illeg}are able to manufacture to|h|e copper to my satisfaction & are willing to do it at that price, but rather avoid giving me that satisfaction & are underhand at work to undermine me by tampering with the men that I have recommended to yor Lordps: I beg the favour of a few more days to see what I can do with the Moneyers & how the affair stands wth Mr Hinds who is at present out of town. I hope another week will be sufficient to settle every thing. And in the meane time the preparations will be making as fast as if the warrant was allready signed. I am

My Lord

Your Lordps most humble

& most obedient Servant

Is. Newton


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