The Right Honorble: Robert Earl of Oxford

Lord High Treasurer of

Great Britain


These Humbly present


Tauton Iuly 21th: 1714

May it please your Lordship

We whose Names are Subscribed ebing the principal Traders in the Woollen Manufactury of this Town and Country adjacent, and drawing Bills for vast sumes of money for the said Manufactures, Crave leave humbly to represent to Your Lordship, That Moyders for some yeares past have been Current with us in all payments at 28s. ꝑ ps. and at that price never refus'd to take them on our Bills of Exchange from any of Her Majesties Collectors, whether they be of the Taxes, Excise, Customes {+r} And we have promised always to supply them with good Bills of Exchange for what Moyders they shall receive for her Majesties Revenue at the above said price. Notwithstanding which severall of the Collectors of the Taxes Customes and Excise or Agents under them for some private Interest for to themselves design'd have lately attempted and are attempting to Lower the price of Moyders to 27/6d. ꝑ ps., which |(|if Effected|)| would prove so very discouraging to the Trade in these parts that the poor could not be Imployed, for the Moyders would soon then be sent hence to London, as the Guineas in great measure have already been, so consequently not halfe Money enough left in these parts to Carry on our Trade, Wherefore as we are willing |(|for the Encouragement of Trade and Employment of the poor|)| at all time to supply the Collectors with good Bills of Exchange for what Moyders they shall receive at 28s. ꝑ ps. so we hope and humbly pray That your Lordship will give orders that the severall Collectors in these parts do not refuse any in the said price And if they can Object against the Bills of us or any of us the Subscribers they may refuse them and the rest will supply them.

fr: Hobart WSweet Fran: Newton

Ioso: Ieffries Tho: Gunston:   

Iohn {illeg} Arthur Towill Edward Minisy

Henry Tanner Ino. Noble Thos: Graunt

Isaac Wolfery     

Hugh Baker Iohn Brownjohn Robt: Webb

Samll Garnnidge   

Iames Bridggood Iohn Brownjohn Inr Iohn Brown

Matt Warren. Iohn Blackmore Ino: Blake

Tho. Naylor Tho: BayWell Ino Amrey

Thos: Minisie Char: Tutterdell. Hen: Trott

Iohn Mionney Ios: Berry Ben: Applin

Robt. Clitsome Ios: Markes Robt Slape

Daniel Birkwell

Samll Crocker Iohn Trott

Ionas Pavitt Wm. Swain


Traders in the Woollen Manufactures about Morders.

29 Iuly 1714

To Offrs: {of the} Mint

[1] Frank

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