To his Grace the Duke of Shrewsbury

Lord High Treasurer of Great Britain

May it please Yor: Grace

Vpon an Order from my late Lord Treasurer. Dated 27. Iuly 1714. that we should give our Opinion upon the Inclosed Petition of Several Traders in the Woollen Manufactures in and about Taunton that the Moyders of Portugall may there be received by the Collectors of the Revenues at 28s apiece.

Wee humbly represent that by their Weight and assay they are worth \about/ 27s. 7d14 apiece at a Medium but are frequently culled in London. and the lighter pieces sent to other places to be put away where people will receive them, and those lighter pieces are scarce worth above 27s. 6d. one with another, wch. is the price that the Collectors of the Revenues are willing to take them at.

All which is most humbly Submitted to your

Graces great Wisdom


Crav: Peyton

Is. Newton


Report of the Officers of the Mint upon the Petition of the Traders about Taunton, concerning the value of Moyders.

12 Augt 1714


[1] Mint Office
5th August 1714.

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