To the Right honble. the Lords Comers. of her Majestie's Treasury

My Lords

If your Lordps. do think fitt to send any Tin for the Streights. I humbly propose to take any quantity not exceeding one hundred and fifty Tuns upon the following Terms viz

To pay to your Lordps. for the quantity of Tin that shall be deliverd at Leghorne into the hands of Messr. Arundell Bates and Compa. and at Genoa into the hands of Messrs. Guille. Boisser & Compa. at the rate of four pounds Ten shillings pr hundred weight viz
for 13 part as soon as the Tin is deliverd there
for 13 part three months after and
for 13 part Six months after
provided the quantity deliverd at Genoa doth not exceed one third part of the whole I am

Your Lordps.

Most obed. humb servt


Theod: Janssen

[1] 10 March 17101

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