May it please yor Lordships

The Salary of the Warden of his Maties Mint is only 400 per an with a house of 40 per an & his perquisites are only 3 12s per an for fee {sic} coales: all which, Taxes being deducted, is so small in respect of the Salaries & Perquisites of the other Officers of the Mint as suffices not to support the authority of his Office.

For the Salary of the Master & Worker is 500 per an wth a house & very great perquisites & the salaries of the other Officers are proportional, besides their late additional Salaries & allowance of Assistants. For their Salaries upon occasion of the present coynage are at least doubled; & those of their Clerks are encreased almost in the same proportion.

And the Warden is now at much greater expenses & pains then formerly in going constantly to the Mint, overseeing & setting forward the coynage & pixing the money for wch he has need of a Deputy.

Wherefore I most humbly pray yor Lordships to take into yor consideration & to give such Orders for the support of the Wardens Office as yor Lordships shall think fit

Yor Lops most humble

& most obedient Servant

Isaac Newton


For the Rt Honble the Lords Commissioners of his Maties Treasury

{By}|Re|ad 16 Iun 96

My Lords at the end of this Coynage will {move} the {illeg} to give him an Consideration extry suitable to his trouble + proporconable to the Increase allowd to the other officers for this extra Coynage. {F}|B|ut this to be done out of ye Coynage mo.

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