To the Right Honble. the Lords Commissrs. of his Majties. Treasury

May it please yor. Lopps.

On the 28th. April last Wee laid the following Memorial before yor. Lopps. vizt.

Wee have read the Act to incourage the bringing plate into the Mint to be Coyned and for the further remedying the ill State of the Coyne of the Kingdom.

And find the plate is order'd to be melted down in the Mint to be cast into Ingots (which is a melting more than is usual in the Mint & beyond the agreement with the Melter) but there is no Direction in the Act how this Melting shall be paid for, nor for the refineing of this Silver, the much greatest part of which will be worse than Standard; & some of it exceeding course|.| & if a great quantity should be brought in it will come to a great Summe of money|.| which if it were intended should be paid out of the Coynage Duty Wee humbly informe yor. Lopps. that the money arising by that Act is not sufficient to answer what was to be paid out of it before, much lesse to do this and pay for the presses that people bring in by directions of this Act|.| Wherefore Wee most humbly pray yor. Lopps. to take it into yor. Consideration & to give such Orders in it as yor. Lordps: shall think fit.


And now \Wee/ further humbly represent to yor. Lordpps. the great want of money there is for the uses {illeg}|be|fore mention'd, And also for the paying the Carpenter & other Workmens bills, which amount to 8678li: 00s: 00d and likewise for paying the salaries of the severall Officers & Clerks due at Lady day last amounting to 800li. and the old presse{s} which have been brought in by direction of the Act of Parliament come to about 300li. making altogether 9778li: 00s: 00d. in part of which there has been recd out of the Exchequer.

On the 28th. of March last 400
the 14th. of April 700
the 30th of ditto 600
Paid the Workmen above mencond in part of their Bills 1330 } 1630
Paid Mr. Western for new presses &c 200
Paid for an old presse & charges by Warrant } 100

Which 1630li being Substracted from the 9778li: abovemention'd there wants to pay the Workmen & the Salaries and for the old presses, 8148li: but wee are humbly of opinion that the work done by the Carpenter and the rest of the workmen ought to be survay'd & valued before their whole bills are paid off.

All wch: is humbly submitted

to yor: Lordpps:

Isaac Newton

Tho. Neale

Tho. Hall

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Memoriall about Mint Money

[1] Mint office 6th: May

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