Wards Trigonometry A Table of Logarithms to 10000 A Table of Rt Ascentions & Declinations A Table of Amplitudes for finding ye Variation |A Table of ye {illeg} ye {sic} Rumb lines & meridian.| A Table of Di{s}Latitude & Departure A Table of meridional parts. A Table of Long & Lat. of ye chief Harbours Headands & Islands. A Table of ye Rt Ascention & Decl. of ye principal stars. A Calendar.

|{3|1|}|Invenire Latitudinem loci |5|Invenire cursum navis\{maris}/ |{illeg}|6||Invenure velocitation navis |7|Cursum et velocitatem {illeg}\per/ cursum maris corrigere |8|6||Invenire differentia{illeg}|s| Latitudinis & Longitudenis |{illeg}|9||Differenias ellas per Latitudinem \loci/ corrigere |{illeg}|4||Invenire vatiationem pixis nauticæ |2{illeg}|8||Invenire horam dici |3{illeg}|9||Invenire horam noetis |{illeg}|11|{illeg}12|Navem ad datum locum dirigere |10|Invenire longitudinem navis |112|0||Invenire longitudinem & latitudinem loci in lillore \vizt/ {illeg}|p|er Ephemeridem Ephemeri eclipseon satellitis intimi {2} alis ad annos vigintis & allitudinem fixæ

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