Their Lordps appoint the day of trial & give notice to order any one or two to attend the trial in their name & \to/ report it to them. They|ei||r||ey| \Lord/Lord\ps/ also give notice to the Officers of the Mint to attend & to ye par{illeg}|t|ies concerned to attend. And that any gentleman of Ireland wch {illeg}|s|hall desire to see it may have time to apply to their Lordps for leave, the day of trial may be appointed a fortnight or three weeks hence. Mr Wood to bring his gran{illeg}|t|.


April 14

Having by me cloath for a suit of Cloaths, I ask yr. kindness to enable me to make it up being at present inn very indifferently habited, I ask yr pardon for laying before yo my wants; you have pleas'd often very generously t{illeg}|o| supply them + given {illeg}|m|e abundant reason with ye greatest gratitude to return yo my humble thanks

< insertion from the left margin > I am Sr.

Yr. most obliged H: Sert

Iohn Arnold < text from f 462r resumes >


Sr Isaac Newton at his house by Leicester-Fields.

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