Sr. Samuel Garth


The Device an Oak which is King of ye                               forest{illeg}

The Motto

Agros, ubi nastitur ornat Servat.

It both defends and adorrns its           native soyl.

Or or thus - Ornat tusetum

2 Devise

An Amranthus or Love flower and ye Sunn above it drying      up ye dew

The Motto relates to his majestys death

Excutiunt larhrymas radij -

The rays dry up ye tears.

3 Devise

An Al|t|las supporting ye world


Nec me labor irte gravabit.      Virgil           nor am I uneasy at ye weight

4 Devise

A rising and setting Sunn


Alter Idem

The Other is ye same

5 Device

An Aurora watring flowrs, with a watring pot, alluding to ye Queen's modesty when she dos good


               Vix abs rub rubere

                         She obliges with a Blush


6 Device relates to ye Confederacy

Three right hands joynd within a circle of lambent light.


          Hac omina formo.    Virgil

I confirm ye omen.

7th Devise

A Female\She/ Eagle \crowned with Laurell/. ye Females of      ye Hawk kind are ye best and boldest

The Motto

Fæmina præstat

The Female extolls

The 8th represents ye Queen 's exact justice and fixed temper ye Devise A pair of Compasses upon a CUbe


Quorun vertitue, idem

In all circumstancys ye same.

The 9 Devise

A Palm tree. The Naturalists observe this three trives best when ye Male and Female are planted by one another

The Motto

Agrè sine Conjuge crescit

Tis with regrett t it grows without its Mate


The winds distending the sea & Neptune                                    appearing


Virgil. quos ego         or Silent           a Laurel & an olive                a hand reaching to the olive


Te potiuì or te Malim

fortitude & {justice} Supporting {Albion}


per nos

a T trojan & Tyrian

nullo diserimme

out of virgil The Bees, and Emblem both of                          Monarchy & Industry


Agitant sub logibui Ætrim

or     Mens omnibus una,

an olive shaded by an oak

tuta sub umbra or protegit

Brittania & a ship on the

ocean     imperium sine fine

Virgil    a Fury Bound fremet horridi ore cruentus                     {Vuertici} Fremet

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