My Lord

I herewith send your Lordp a copy of the Report of the Officers of the Mint upon a Petition from Cornwall for a new contract for Tin at such a price as her Maty might not lose by, & for taking off a greater quantity of Tin then before. A few months before the date of this Report I computed the price at 3li 8s 6d supposing no more Tin to Tin to {sic} be received then the consumption would carry off: for preventing of wch I added the last clause of this report.

I send yor Lordp also a further Report upon the present state of the Tin, and remain

My Lord

Mint Office 28 Aug. 1711

Yor Lordps most humble

& most obedt servant

Is. Newton

Lord H. Treasurer


NB. Mr Stratford was not to sell under {illeg}|9|12 styvers per pound weight Hamborough. Ninety two pound weight Hamborough make {{illeg}|1|}00lwt averdupois & {illeg}|50| styvers make {illeg}|4|s 6{d} sterling at a par.

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